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Tom Cabrera/Jack DeSalvo

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DeSalvo and Cabrera have collaborated on multiple Unseen Rain records, including Juniper, Lion Hearted (with Herb Kloss), Tales of Coming Home,  Libra Moon, and their most recent project with Matt Lavelle, Sumari.

By: David Summer,

“This is the kind of music that results from artists who invest years in learning their instruments and expressing them in ways that fall outside normal conventions. DeSalvo and Cabrera have partnered their guitars and percussion before, and that investment, too, bears fruit on their newest. This music has the heart and soul of the Cherry/Walcott/Vasconcelos Codona trio recordings… an earthy ambiance that emanates strength from a wise economy of notes and beats. Music that transcends genre, behaves as if it doesn’t even see the point of it. Also, great music to just kick back and listen to its particular serenity fill the room.”