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Unseen Rain’s specially priced Bootleg Series features complete, unedited, authorized live sets featuring Unseen Rain artists.

Steve Cohn Band Live

Live at Tobacco Road: Steve Cohn Band: Steve Cohn – electric piano/ Blaise Siwula – clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones/ Dmitry Ishenko – double-bass/ Dave Miller – drums


Sam Morrison and D3 Live

Live at Tobacco Road: D3: Bruce Ditmas – drums/ Jack DeSalvo – guitar/ Tony DeCicco – double-bass/ with Sam Morrison – Tenor and Soprano saxophone, flute and alto flute

Sam Morrison and D3 Live

Live at Tobacco Road: Send Out Signals: Matt Lavell – trumpet, flugelhorn and alto clarinet/ Ras Moshe – tenor and soprano saxophones, flutes, percussion/ Tom Zlabinger – double-bass/ Tom DeSteno – drums

Other UR Bootlegs Available soon:

Live at Tobacco Road: K3rnel PaN1C: Pat Hall – trombone, Laptop, electronics/ Jack DeSalvo – guitar/ Joe Gallant – bass/ Bruce Ditmas – drums

Live at Tobacco Road: Bob Rodriguez – electric piano/ Lee Marvin – double-bass/ Bruce Ditmas – drums

Live at Tobacco Road: Tom Cabrera – frame drums, riq, tombak, darbuka/ Jack DeSalvo – mandola, guitar

Live at Tobacco Road: Happy House: Chris Kelsey – soprano and alto saxophones/ Pat Hall – trombone/ Joe Gallant – bass/ Dean Sharp – percussion

Live at Tobacco Road: River Road: Dan Willis – tenor saxophone/ Jack DeSalvo – guitar/ Lee Marvin – double-bass/ Jon Berger – drums

Live at Magnolia’s: Chris Kelsey – tenor, straight alto and soprano saxophones/ Jack DeSalvo – guitar