Deep within many ancient traditions seems to be the common thread of a completely unified field of consciousness. The implication is that individual minds are simply projecting this universal consciousness, albeit filtered through the limitations of each individual’s physiology and the particularities of space-time.

The overarching distractions of commercially-based civilization, among other things, obscures spiritual life and leaves us to find traces of transcendence where we can.

Improvised music, when shared between players (and audience) is possibly an opportunity to glimpse this universal consciousness – if the players are fully present and listen in the moment. The music itself is the vibratory manifestation of the process of transcending the artificial barriers of the individual mind.

The stories the music tells of moments of intimations of this universal consciousness are Tales of Coming Home.

Tom Cabrera, frame drum and percussion

Jack DeSalvo, guitar

Tales of Coming HomeUR9986-1024x1024

  1. Casida of the Rose
  2. Tales of Coming Home
  3. Ocher
  4. To the Great Circle
  5. Smoke in the West
  6. Petal After Petal
  7. I Am Not I
  8. Pilgrimage
  9. The Water Carrier
  10. Twisting Vistas
  11. Eternal Fountain
  12. Water And Moon
  13. Exhausted Earth
  14. Its Steps Can Be Heard

Pilgrimage by Tom Cabrera.
All other music by Jack DeSalvo.

Recorded by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studio, Paramus, NJ
Mastered by Gene Gaudette and Jim DeSalvo at Beanstudio, Wayne, NJ
Photo of Tom Cabrera by Michael van Gelder
All other photos and design by Qua’s Eye Graphix
Special thanks to Neil Hora
Produced by Jim DeSalvo

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