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Sumari II (UR9938

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SUMARI‘s second release SUMARI II, from the powerful trio of multi-instrumentalists Matt Lavelle on trumpet and alto clarinet, Jack DeSalvo on electric guitar, cello, banjo and bass ukulele and Tom Cabrera on drums and percussion, go one step further than their debut album SUMARI (one of Downbeat‘s Best Albums of 2015) in creating vast soundscapes alternating with intense interplay.


The Night Visit
The Wine Made Before Adam
One Rose is Enough
The Dust of the Doorway
Inside the Shell of Space and Time
All Roads Have an End
Lost at the Ocean’s Edge

MATT LAVELLE, trumpet, alto clarinet, cuica
JACK DeSALVO, guitar, bass ukulele, cello, banjo
TOM CABRERA, drums, percussion

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Beanstudio by Jim DeSalvo
Design by Qua’s Eye Graphics

Produced by Jack DeSalvo

A Moment from TOM CABRERA Trio Recording

Bassist Mark Hagan recording “All Hallows” with Tom Cabrera – drums and Bob Rodriguez – piano for Tom’s upcoming UNSEEN RAIN album – working title is “What I’ve Found”. Recording and mastering engineer is Jim DeSalvo, producer and composer is Jack DeSalvo, mixing engineer is Larry Hutter and studio is Trading 8s in Paramus, NJ.