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Reviews of SUMARI (UR9962)

Sumari Gallery

Sumari is a trio of master multi-instrumetalists inspired by long time friendship, interests in the mysteries of the universe and expressing this through their music. Matt Lavelle, Jack DeSalvo and Tom Cabrera are are recognized worldwide for their virtuosity and the creative groups they appear in and lead, e.g., 12 Houses, Matt Lavelle Quartet, Jack DeSalvo Quartet and Tom Cabrera Trio.

“…the effect is galvanizing. While the music is collectively improvised, it aims for and achieves the directness of song.”DOWNBEAT

“The trio comes at us with strength and ideas. It all works. It’s all very New York, which means there is the local and the universal all wrapped up into a very “now” music. Excellent!” – GREGO APPELLATE EDWARDS


“We hear quite different music on Sumari and it’s reinforced by a spiritual component common to all participants…I listened to this album with great interest and pleasure. All three musicians have already established a solid foundation in jazz, all three are closely connected with downtown culture of the New York avant-garde and all three are adept at free improvisation.” – LEONID AUSKERN

“The trio formed by Matt Lavelle (trumpet, pocket trumpet, alto clarinet, cornet, flugelhorn), Jack DeSalvo (cello, guitar and mandola), and Tom Cabrera (various percussion), offers in Sumari a proposal of free improvisation that invites the listener to succumb to this music. When the label “free improvisation” appears in the description of an artistic proposal, in many cases we react with a litany of preconceptions (which I will not repeat here). This time the ensemble shows one of the multiple faces that are present in a genre so polyhedral.” – PACHI TAPIZ

“Other-world art music. Improvisations through space and time. The soundtrack of twilight. These phrases have all been used to attempt to describe this trio known as Sumari.” – GRADY HARP