The Crossing

Incandescent music and marvelous performances from guitarist Jack DeSalvo, pianist Bob Rodriguez, mallet man Arthur Lipner, double-bassist Todd Urban and drummer-percussionist Jon Berger: The Crossing.

  1. A Thousand Angels
  2. Yikes
  3. Bass Station
  4. Sambadharma
  5. Arriving
  6. This Is What the Silence Sounds Like
  7. The Crossings Are Underground
  8. 5thsp
  9. Turning

The Crossing is a quintet of musician/composers whose dedication to each others music necessitated the release of a project highlighting their collective interpretations of the diverse pieces that make up this, their first and eponymous recording.

Jack DeSalvo, Bob Rodriguez, Arthur Lipner, Todd Urban and Jon Berger have played and recorded with each other in variegated combinations with DeSalvo often the common denominator. Lipner and DeSalvo’s duo album Liquid Stones is a classic and Jon and Jack are both part of River Road on Unseen Rain Records. Bob Rodriguez so far has two UR albums out, Fish Cannot Leave Deep Waters and Things I Meant To Say. Todd Urban and DeSalvo have a trio that includes drummer Tom Cabrera and everyone in The Crossing have respected each others writing and playing for a very long time.