Dee Dee McNeil reviews ROCCO JOHN’S PEACE AND LOVE By Dee Dee McNeil, ROCCO JOHN IACOVONE – “PEACE AND LOVE” Unseen Rain Records Rocco John Iacovone, alto & soprano saxophone/piano; Ras Moshe Burnett, bells/tenor saxophone/flute; Sana Nagano, violin; Michael Lytle, bass clarinet; Rich Rosenthal, guitar; Phil Sirois, bass; John Pietaro, percussion; Dalius Naujo, drums. I was eager to review this piece of art, […]


ROCCO JOHN QUARTET EMBRACE THE CHANGE Wings / Escape / Circuits / Dial Up / Tango / Whispers / 72’s / Wings (Epilogue). 67:54. Rocco John Iacovone (as, ss), Rich Rosenthal (g), Francois Grillot (b), Tom Cabrera (d). March 2015, Riverdale, NJ. What’s not to like about a fine quartet of superb but under-appreciated […]


                                                                                                                                                        MATT LAVELLE’S 12 HOUSES, SOLIDARITY, UNSEEN RAIN 9945 “Solidarity” has a massive singsong sound that serves as the backdrop to a furious tenor solo by Ras Moshe Burnett and a keening cello and flute duet. “Brooklyn Mountain” starts out as a slow, writhing mass before Burnett and pianist Chris Forbes break out for a […]


Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses: Solidarity By ALBERTO BAZZURRO – Born in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1970, previously alongside William Parker and being responsible for the rebirth of a genuine original, Giuseppi Logan, a few years ago , Matt Lavelle directs the 12 Houses, an important work, recorded in November 2014, featuring an ensemble of […]


PAT HALL – TIME REMEMBERED: THE MUSIC OF BILL EVANS (UR960) My first reaction when considering Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans (Unseenrain – 9960) by trombonist PAT HALL was what is there in the music of Evans that would inspire a trombonist to enlist an organ trio comprising Greg “Organ Monk” Lewis on Hammond organ, Marvin Sewell […]

“…you can trust in the capable hands of DeSalvo and Minasi to deliver a captivating performance.” Paul Acquaro reviews SOLDANO DIECI ANNI

    Jack DeSalvo & Dom Minasi – Soldano Dieci Anni (Unseen Rain, 2016) **** Saturday, September 03, 2016  Guitar Week By Paul Acquaro Oh, acoustic guitar duo, how my heart beats for thee! DeSalvo and Minasi are a great pair on Soldano Dieci Anni, both performing on either unamplified archtop guitar or acoustic (classical and […]

“..some of the nicest acoustic duets since side two of McLaughlin’s My Goals Beyond.” Grego reviews Dom Minasi and Jack DeSalvo – Soldano Dieci Anni

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 Dom Minasi, Jack DeSalvo, Soldano Dieci Anni A two-guitar duet album with Dom Minasi and Jack DeSalvo? I was not sure what that would be until I put it on. Soldano Dieci Anni (Unseen Rain) is a hugely beautiful surprise. The both of them brought their acoustic-electrics, archtops, flattops and Jack a nylon […]

“…lots of fire and ideas.” Grego Reviews ROCCO JOHN’S EMBRACE THE CHANGE

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Altoist Rocco John is a fixture on the New York scene, keeping the new thing free flames stoked with his own brand of avant jazz. He records more infrequently than I would like, but then that makes his new releases all the more welcome. His latest, Embrace the Change (Unseen Rain 9947), features […]

“…a commanding debut for his 12 Houses group.” Audiophile Audition reviews Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses – Solidarity

CD Review: Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses – Solidarity – Unseen Rain Big band free jazz is more than discordant noise. Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses – Solidarity [TrackList follows] – Unseen Rain UR-9945, 48:52 [5/6/16] ****: (Matt Lavelle – cornet, Flugelhorn, alto clarinet, conductor; Lee Odom – soprano sax, clarinet; Charles Waters – alto sax, clarinet; […]

All About Jazz Reviews 12 HOUSES – SOLIDARITY

Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses: Solidarity By ALBERTO BAZZURRO Published: July 21, 2016, originally in Italian Born in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1970, having played alongside William Parker and and being responsible for the reintroduction of the inimitable Giuseppi Logan a few years ago, Matt Lavelle directs this valuable work, recorded in November 2014, an ensemble […]

“…letting the music go where it must. ” Doug Simpson Reviews ROCCO JOHN QT’s EMBRACE THE CHANGE

Rocco John Quartet – Embrace the Change – Unseen Rain  by Audiophile Audition/ July 11, 2016/ Jazz CD Reviews New York City quartet which promotes changes, all sorts of changes. Rocco John Quartet – Embrace the Change [TrackList follows] – Unseen Rain UR-9947, 67:49 [5/6/16] ****: (Rocco John Iacovone – alto and soprano saxophone; Rich […]


Recommended: Rocco John Quartet – “Embrace the Change” By davesumner There’s an appealing looseness to this session from  saxophonist Rocco John Iacovone, guitarist Rich Rosenthal, double bassist Francois Grillot and drummer Tom Cabrera.  Of particular interest is the way the guitar darts between the slowly drawled saxophone lines… which becomes more compelling when bass and […]

Mark Sullivan’s Review of Dom Minasi – Jack DeSalvo: Soldani Dieci Anni on AAJ

Dom Minasi & Jack DeSalvo: Soldani Dieci Anni By MARK SULLIVAN Published: July 5, 2016 Guitarist Dom Minasi is known as an experimentalist and free player, so there is much in this set of acoustic duets with fellow guitarist Jack DeSalvo that will confound expectations. Opener “The Indelible Delible” is a free improvisation with the […]

“explosive musicality” – Dee Dee McNeil reviews 12 HOUSES – SOLIDARITY

Media Alert: Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses “Solidarity”  – Unseen Rain Records UR9945 MATT LAVELLE – cornet, flugelhorn, alto clarinet, conduction, LEE ODOM – soprano saxophone and clarinet,    CHARLES WATERS – alto saxophone and clarinet, RAS MOSHE BURNETT – tenor and soprano saxophones, flute, bells, TIM STOCKER –  baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, MARY CHERNEY – flute, piccolo, […]

“…interaction, composition, fiery hot soloing…” Mike Greenblatt reviews EMBRACE THE CHANGE

Media Alert: Rocco John Quartet “Embrace The Change” (Unseen Rain UR-9947) Street Date: May 6, 2016ROCCO JOHN IACOVONE alto and soprano saxophones, RICH ROSENTHAL guitar, FRANÇOIS GRILLOT double-bass, TOM CABRERA drums CD Review: Rocco John Quartet Has Good Advice: ‘Embrace the Change’ on Unseen Rain Records [REVIEW]  Mike Greenblatt ( Rocco John Iacovone (Photo : courtesy Unseen Rain […]

From Russia: Great Review of ROCCO JOHN’s EMBRACE THE CHANGE.

Media Alert: Rocco John Quartet “Embrace The Change” (Unseen Rain UR-9947) ROCCO JOHN IACOVONE alto and soprano saxophones, RICH ROSENTHAL guitar, FRANÇOIS GRILLOT double-bass, TOM CABRERA drums CD Review: By Leonid Auskern Alto saxophonist Rocco John Iacovone had excellent teachers, these mentors, however, came from very different places on the musical map. On one […]

Midwest Record Reviews New Albums from ROCCO JOHN Qt and MATT LAVELLE’s 12 HOUSES

UNSEEN RAIN ROCCO JOHN QUARTET/Embrace the Change: A saxman that studied under the watchful eyes of some serious hell raisers, he picks up the baton and you can tell this is someone serious about his Sun Ra and didn’t just eat a bunch of BYG records for breakfast one day. Way out in left field, […]


Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses, Solidarity The open-form freedom, new thing now jazz world of contemporary New York has a 16-member big band that shows us where the music is on a recent release. I’m talking about Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses and their album Solidarity (Unseen Rain 9945). The band runs through six Lavelle pieces that […]

Great SUMARI Review from Croatia

Research into sound is a basic characteristic of the creative trio Sumari. Opportunities for such research are large, and this is for three reasons: curiosity, commitment and creativity of musicians who explore the great opportunities of the mutual combination of instruments. As well as having vast experience of playing in various styles and idioms, all […]

Grego Reviews Harmolodic Monk

The music of Thelonious Monk, if anything, has taken on increasing stature as a body of compositions central to the modern jazz experience. In the period following his leaving us, we see renewed attention to his recordings and a great array of contemporary jazz musicians who perform his music regularly. Steve Lacy was a pioneer […]

Mark Turner’s Brilliant Review of JULIE
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JULIE – Julie Lyon Quintet (UR9957) CD Review: By Mark S. Turner Perhaps the most interesting element in this recording is the ‘live in studio’ nature lending a great deal of atmosphere and beatnik cafe society vibe to the affair. Well, actually, I’m assuming it was thus live ’cause it sure as hell sounds it—if […]

Jazz Police Review of Inherence (UR9963)

“Inherence”: Joel Shapira Celebrates Duo Guitar Release at the Black Dog, February 5th Written by Andrea Canter, Contributing Editor Jazz Police Tuesday, 04 February 2014 Inherence Former student and mentor, guitarists Joel Shapira and Jack DeSalvo, reunited recently via the internet, and soon found themselves in a New Jersey recording studio. The result is Inherence […]