Reeds_Ryan-300x198Matt Lavelle’s compositional focus is on wide-ranging improvising from not only master jazz players like Ras Moshe and Charlie Waters, but pioneering players on traditionally classical instruments including Claire de Brunner on bassoon and Gil Selinger on cello. These seemingly disparate worlds live together in harmolodic comfort and explosive musicality that is also simultaneously big band and improvising chamber orchestra.

Lavelle’s familiarity with his band allows each instrumentalist’s radiance to shine through via his writing and conduction. What’s most important, though, is this band/orchestra/constellation swings and grooves whether they’re taking you to Alpha Centuri or New Orleans.


Brooklyn Mountain

Knee Braces

Cherry Swing

Moonflower interlude


MATT LAVELLE –  cornet, flugelhorn, alto clarinet, conduction
LEE ODOM – soprano saxophone and clarinet

CHARLES WATERS –  alto saxophone and clarinet
RAS MOSHE BURNETTE – tenor and soprano saxophones, flute, bells
TIM STOCKER –  baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
MARY CHERNEY –  flute, piccolo
CLAIRE de BRUNNER – bassoon
JACK DeSALVO –  banjo, mandola
JOHN PIETARO –  vibraphone, percussion
FRANÇOIS GRILLOT – double-bass
RYAN SAWYER –  drums



Juniper “This is the kind of music that results from artists who invest years in learning their instruments and expressing them in ways that fall outside normal conventions. DeSalvo and Cabrera have partnered their guitars and percussion before, and that investment, too, bears fruit on their newest. This music has the heart and soul of the Cherry/Walcott/Vasconcelos Codona trio recordings… […]

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Triangulation Maple Sugar Boy Otra Cosa Aparte Penumbra Sex and Violence Resectioning  Fulminate Trio Anders Nilsson (guitar), Ken Filiano (double-bass, effects), Michael Evans (drums and percussion) Recorded February 24, 2014 Tedesco Studio, Paramus, NJ Design by Qua’s Eye Graphix Mixed and Mastered by Jim DeSalvo at Beanstudio, Wayne, NJ Executive producers: Gene Gaudette, Jim DeSalvo and Jack DeSalvo Produced by Jack DeSalvo UR9949

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“While Pat Hall could stand on stage with any ensemble, his ability to blend and gently guide this eclectic 4tet is worthy of special note. Greg “Organ Monk” Lewis is a critically acclaimed performer cut from the Larry Young mold while guitarist Marvin Sewell and drummer Mike Campenni provide the finesse necessary to help tie these compositions together.”  – Brent Black […]

Harmolodic Monk Matt Lavelle (cornet, flugelhorn, alto clarinet) John Pietaro (vibraphone, bodhrán, congas, percussion) Blue Monk Crepuscule with Nellie Epistrophy Green Chimneys In Walked Bud Let’s Cool One Light Blue Monks Mood Nutty Pannonica Round Midnight Ruby My Dear From producer Jack DeSalvo’s Liner Notes: In the work of both Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk, the dichotomy of ancient, pre-western approaches and extreme modernism live […]

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“Julie Lyon Quintet is the best cure for the blues… Julie will give you almost an hour of warm, sincere and very cozy jazz. This American vocalistand her partners do not seek to create some bold experiments, avant-garde delights or to display the power of the voice. The voice of Julie Lyonis not about free rein sound but rather depth of experience and the aura of the truth of jazz will not leave you from the first track to the last.” – – Leonid Auskern, Jazzquad, Russia Julie Love for Sale Bye Bye Blackbird Dindi Comes Love Everytime We […]