Gina Loves Jazz on Harmolodic Monk

Harmolodic Monk Trumpet and flugelhorn artist Matt Lavelle studied with Ornette Coleman back in 2005 and subsequently took on the alto clarinet as well. The avant-garde musician who also has his own blog, teams up with John Pietaro, the vibraphonist and percussionist for an album of the music of Thelonious Monk. Both are known for their more or less radical […]

“A Must Hear For Monk Fans” – George Fendel’s Review of Harmolodic Monk

HARMOLODIC MONK (UR9953) CD Review: by George Fendel   Harmolodic Monk; Matt Lavelle, trumpet, flugelhorn and alto clarinet; and John Pietaro, vibes and percussion. Monk’s Music is interpreted with thought, creativity and a hint of mystery by this imaginative duo. It’s definitely Monk with all sorts of new shadings and colors, and it works well. Ten Monk classics are […]

Deepening the crenellations in your grey matter – Mark Tucker’s Powerful Review of Harmolodic Monk

Unlike so many past masters tributes which feature some of the subject writer’s work, then a smattering of tunes cherished by the deceased mainman, and finally cuts written by the tributees, Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro’s Harmolodic Monk is 100% Thelonius cuts stretched and refabricated by a horn player and percussionist stripping everything down to bare essentials before getting melodically […]

“Creation rather than imitation.” Jack Goodstein Reviews Pat Hall’s Time Remembered

Fronting a quartet featuring the Hammond B-3 organ of Greg “Organ Monk” Lewis, the guitar of Marvin Sewell and Mike Campenni on drums, trombonist Pat Hall runs through a set of seven tunes on this release—four, including an epic reading of his “Waltz for Debby” are Evans originals. One is by his bassist bandmate Scott LaFaro (“Gloria’s Step”), one Evans […]

“like a shout to the gods” – Michael Dougherty’s Review of Harmolodic Monk

Matt Lavelle, John Pietaro: “Harmolodic Monk” (2015) CD Review Harmolodic Monk, the new CD from Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro, is an interesting jazz album taking the musical philosophy and approach of Ornette Coleman and applying it to compositions by Thelonious Monk. The results are sometimes soulful, sometimes emotional. These tracks often have a loose, exploratory feel that gets a […]

Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses Recording Session

12 Houses Recording session at Systems Two in Brooklyn.  All photos by Jeff Evans. Matt Lavelle – conductor, composer, trumpet, flugelhorn, alto clarinet,  Anaïs Maviel – voice, Lee Odom -Clarinet, soprano saxophone, Charlie Waters – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, Ras Moshe – tenor saxophone, concert flute, bells, Tim Stocker – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, Mary Cherney – concert flute, alto […]

Review of Joris Teepe’s workaholic on JazzFlits

Just a cursory glance at the biography and discography of bassist, composer and producer Joris Teepe makes you smile in the title of his latest album. Since his arrival in New York (in 1992) he is a much sought after musician. And that’s an understatement. His contributions to recordings of others, as bassist, composer and producer are not small and […]

Audiophile Audition Review of Pat Hall: Time Remembered

Jazz CD Reviews Pat Hall – “Time Remembered” – The Music of Bill Evans [TrackList follows] – Unseen Rain An unusual quartet takes an equally unusual run through Bill Evans territory. Published on October 2, 2014 Pat Hall – “Time Remembered” – The Music of Bill Evans [TrackList follows] – Unseen Rain UR9960, 65:37 [8/5/14] ***1/2: (Pat Hall – trombone; […]

All About Jazz Review of Pat Hall: Time Remembered

Patrick Hall: Time Remembered: The Music Of Bill Evans (2014) By JOHN EPHLAND, Published: September 27, 2014 | 1,232 views The unconventional inside a conventional skin. That’s what we have here with trombonist Pat Hall’s offering Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans. Playing it from the bottom up, so to speak, Hall’s approach to the Evans corpus (along with […]


By Josh Campbell A very interesting album from Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro. The concept, and I love concept albums, is to use Monk compositions and Ornette Coleman’s harmolodic methods. Interestingly, we find John Pietraro on the vibraphone in addition to percussion leading to a unique duet. Matt Lavelle is found on his standard cornet/flugelhorn as well as alto clarinet […]

Review of Juniper on Wondering Sound

Jack DeSalvo & Tom Cabrera, Juniper: This is the kind of music that results from artists who invest years in learning their instruments and expressing them in ways that fall outside normal conventions. DeSalvo and Cabrera have partnered their guitars and percussion before, and that investment, too, bears fruit on their newest. This music has the heart and soul of […]

Pat Hall’s Time Remembered Reviewed by George Fendel

Media Alert: Pat Hall’s Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans (Unseen Rain UR9960) Street Date August 5, 2014 Pat Hall: Trombone, Greg “Organ Monk” Lewis: Organ, Marvin Sewell: Guitar, Mike Campenni: Drums CD Review: by George Fendel Considering the fact that Bill Evans passed away nearly 35 years ago, this second of two tribute recordings, released in […]


Bassist and composer Joris Teepe, who first appeared on Unseen Rain on Lewis Porter’s Trio Solo, has reason to be Workaholic. While his adroit bass playing is constantly in-demand by other jazz greats, he presents here an extraordinary album of his own music. Along with Joris on double-bass and electric bass, Workaholic features legendary drummer Mike Clark of Herbie Handcock’s […]

JUN 29 HARMOLODIC MONK Album Release Event Whynot Jazz Room

HARMOLODIC MONK Album Release Event Whynot Jazz Room, Sunday, July29, 7:30PM 14 Christopher St, NYC Harmolodic Monk is matt Lavelle (trumpet, alto clarinet, flugelhorn) and John Pietaro (vibes, percussion). The pair will be performing a set of selections from their Unseen Rain Records debut album, one which explores some of the greatest compositions of Thelonious Monk by way of the […]

Media Alert: Pat Hall – Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans (Unseen Rain UR9960) Street Date August 5,

Jim Eigo June 17, 2014 Pat Hall: Trombone, Greg “Organ Monk” Lewis: Organ, Marvin Sewell: Guitar, Mike Campenni: Drums CD Review: See your review on the site    Honoring Bill Evans, June 16, 2014By Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States) This review is from: Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans (MP3 Music)William John Evans, known as Bill Evans (August 16, 1929 […]

Jazz Police Review of Inherence (UR9963)

“Inherence”: Joel Shapira Celebrates Duo Guitar Release at the Black Dog, February 5th Written by Andrea Canter, Contributing Editor Jazz Police Tuesday, 04 February 2014 Inherence Former student and mentor, guitarists Joel Shapira and Jack DeSalvo, reunited recently via the internet, and soon found themselves in a New Jersey recording studio. The result is Inherence (Unseen Rain Records), an intriguing […]


PAT HALL – trombone, GREG “ORGAN MONK” LEWIS – organ, MARVIN SEWELL – guitar, MIKE CAMPENNI – drums “Pat Hall has done it. He’s substituted overt passion for Bill Evans’ quiet reserve, impulsive chance-taking for the pianist’s crystalline perfection. In place of the classic piano trio instrumentation so closely-associated with Evans, he’s used something nearly it’s polar opposite.” – from […]