Paul Acquaro Reviews SUMARI.

Matt Lavelle, Jack De Salvo & Tom Cabrera – Sumari (Unseen Rain, 2015) Monday, February 08, 2016 By Paul Acquaro I first put on Sumari while I was driving through the Catskills in New York State over the summer, little did I know how geographically apropos it was. The trio on Sumari has its roots in the Hudson valley, going […]

Listen to Wings from Rocco John Quartet’s New Release EMBRACE THE CHANGE.

10.99 – High Definition 24/96 FLAC 9.99 – CD Quality FLAC 8.99 – MP3 EMBRACE THE CHANGE – ROCCO JOHN QUARTET ROCCO JOHN IACOVONE alto and soprano saxophones RICH ROSENTHAL guitar FRANÇOIS GRILLOT double-bass TOM CABRERA drums According to saxophonist and composer Rocco John Iacovone, “EMBRACE THE CHANGE is a thought, an idea, and a philosophy.  It’s a comment on […]


ARTIST: JIMMY BENNINGTON, STEVE COHN TITLE: No Lunch In Hackensack LABEL: Unseen Rain Records TUNES: At the Track by the Shack in Hackensack; What Bob Wants to Hear; The President’s Club; Steven;    No Lunch in Hackensack I; Quiet Now (Denny Zeitlin); The Days of Wine and Roses (Henry Mancini);  No Lunch in Hackensack II; For Debbie PERSONNEL: Jimmy Bennington, Steve […]


Unseen Rain Records presents Remolina, featuring legendary clarinetist and saxophonist Blaise Siwula with his remarkable co-conspirators Dmitry Ishenko on double-bass and Dave Miller on drums. Remolina is an album of eccentric beauty in which an almost clairvoyant interplay envelops the proceedings while still managing to swing with a distinctive lilt. Alba Boreal Diamante Capullo Nemus Riven Viridis Temozón Morisco Girasol […]

The Trio Comes at Us with Strength and Ideas – Grego Reviews Sumari

Media Alert: SUMARI (Unseen Rain UR9962) Street Date June 5, 2015 Matt Lavelle (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, alto clarinet Jack DeSalvo (mandola, cello, guitars) Tom Cabrera (bodhrán, tar, riq, doumbek, bass drum CD Review:  Sumari, Matt Lavelle, Jack DeSalvo, Tom Cabrera There are so many excellent modern and avant jazz musicians headquartered in the New York City area […]

Dawoud Kringle’s Review of The 12 Houses Orchestra

Concert Review: The 12 Houses Orchestra – The Next Phase In The Development of The Big Band Date: March 14, 2015 Venue: The Firehouse Space (NY) Review by Dawoud Kringle As the cold of the winter of 2015 gave way to spring, I went to Brooklyn’s Firehouse Space to hear The 12 Houses Orchestra, the new project led by Matt Lavelle. I was interested to […]

Dawoud Kringle’s Review of SUMARI

DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY  CD Review: Sumari…An Extradimensional Music Artist: Sumari Title: Sumari Label: Unseen Rain Records Genre: nu jazz/improvised music Review by Dawoud Kringle “The Sumari, therefore, appear in, or intrude into, the three dimensional system from other dimensions.” – Seth Thus is the stage set for the music of Sumari. Sumari is the new CD produced by Jack DeSalvo, and […]

Review of Sumari from Russia

SUMARI CD Review from Russia   By Leonid Auskern   Jazz 6/14/2015  Quite recently I happened to hear all three participants of the Sumari project when I reviewed the JULIE album by the Julie Lyon Quintet. On JULIE their instrumental skill drew attention to these musicians. But it’s one thing to accompany a vocalist in the performance of standards, and quite another […]

Insightful Review of SUMARI by Pachi Tapiz on Tomajazz Matt Lavelle / Jack DeSalvo / Tom Cabrera: Sumari (Unseen Rain. 2015. CD) The trio formed by Matt Lavelle (trumpet, pocket trumpet, alto clarinet, cornet, flugelhorn), Jack DeSalvo (cello, guitar and mandola), and Tom Cabrera (various percussion), offers in Sumari a proposal of free improvisation that invites the listener to succumb to this music. When the label “free improvisation” […]
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Bb Blues – Jack DeSalvo Guitar

Jack DeSalvo (mandola, cello, classical, electric, and 12-string slide guitars) Tom Cabrera (bodhrán, tar, riq, doumbek, bass drum, cymbals, bells) JUNIPER – JACK DeSALVO, TOM CABRERA CD Quality Apple Lossless Download – $9.99 mp3 320 k (Recommended for iTunes users) Download – 8.99 mp3 VBR Download JACK DeSALVO – guitar (Godin Multiac ACS SA classical) JOEL SHAPIRA – guitar (1948 […]
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Time Remembered: Live at Shapeshifter Lab

PAT HALL’s TIME REMEMBERED plays Scott Lafaro’s Gloria’s Step at the UNSEEN RAIN FESTIVAL at Shapeshifter Lab. Buy the Studio album on CD HERE Or download the studio album: High Definition FLAC Download (88.2kHz/24bit) — $10.99 CD quality FLAC Download — $9.99 mp3 320k (recommended for iTunes users) $8.99 mp3 VBR (maximum resolution mp3) $8.99 “While Pat Hall could stand […]

“…an artistic work of passion.” – LA Jazz Reviews Harmonic Monk

Matt Lavelle & John Pietaro – “Harmolodic Monk” Unseen Rain Records Matt Lavelle, cornet/flugelhorn/alto clarinet; John Pietaro, vibraphone/bodhran/ congas/percussion. Here is another artistic endeavor to celebrate Thelonius Monk’s historic compositions. Right off the bat, Lavelle’s horn grabs my attention, singing “Epistrophe” with Pietaro using percussion techniques and vibraphone to support Lavelle’s solo journey. I enjoyed the simplicity of sound that […]

Wonderful Harmolodic Monk Review from Croatia

Sound Guardian Review of Harmolodic Monk The title says it all! It reminds us of two jazz musicians who have marked the genre musical with innovation and distinctive authoritative work: saxophonist Ornette Coleman and pianist Thelonious Monk. While both early career met with incomprehension, even neglect, today they are celebrated as giants. Monk is one of the greatest composers in […]

Suberb Review of Harmolodic Monk in Highland Magazine

Suberb Review of Harmolodic Monk in Highland Magazine

Harmolodic Monk (UR9953) Emblematic of bebop, growing out of stride piano playing including ragtime styles, Thelonious Monk is a jazz legend, a prolific composer and improviser of the highest level. He remains, in fact, a continual source of inspiration. How do we then distinguish from the various tributes to his glory? Lavelle and Pietaro have the solution, applying Ornette Coleman’s […]



Fulminate Trio: Triangulation (UR9949) Anders Nilsson (guitar), Ken Filiano (double-bass, effects),Michael Evans (drums-percussion) HD Apple Lossless – $10.99 HD FLAC – $10.99 Apple Lossless – $9.99 FLAC – $9.99 mp3 320 kb – 8.99 Fulminate Trio is a union of astonishing improvisers who create vast soundscapes with guitar, double-bass, drums and effects that would make jazz aficionados best pals with […]

Triangulation – Fulminate Trio

Fulminate Trio’s debut Unseen Rain recording – available now in HD and CD quality and mp3. HD Apple Lossless – $10.99 HD FLAC – $10.99 Apple Lossless – $9.99 FLAC – $9.99 mp3 320 kb – 8.99 Triangulation Maple Sugar Boy Otra Cosa Aparte Penumbra Resectioning Sex and Violence Fulminate Trio Anders Nilsson (guitar), Ken Filiano (double bass, electrionics),Michael Evans […]
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Get Joris Teepe – Workaholic on CD HERE  Downloads HERE “…the compositions create an ambiance in “Workaholic” that is fresh and spontaneous. It is strongly expressive with a notion of history standing in a rich jazz tradition. This is partly due to a group of outstanding musicians, including Mike Clark, once drummer with Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters. The band plays tight, fancifully, swinging and […]

UNSEEN RAIN FESTIVAL April 12, ShapeShifter

  February 19, 2015To: Listings/Critics/Features From: Jazz Promo Services Press Contact: Jim Eigo,  UNSEEN RAIN FESTIVAL presents Visionary Sounds @ ShapeShifter Lab with Sumari Pat Hall’s Time Remembered Organ Group,and Harmolodic Monk Event: Unseen Rain Festival When: Sunday, April 12, 7PM–Sumari, 8PM-Pat Hall’s Time Remembered Organ Group, 9PM-Harmolodic Monk Where: ShapeShifter Lab 18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY 11215 Admission: $15. The artist-directed independent […]

Review of JULIE on Hungary’s

Review of JULIE (UR9957) on by Mihály Czékus For those who like hip, catchy melodies, there’s a lot of unforgettable moments in store on New York jazz singer Julie Lyon’s new album, which is Julie’s latest release, but not her only one. The singer’s fans had to wait a long time for this disc, as Lyon’s previous album, Live […]

HARMOLODIC MONK Review from Sandy Brown Jazz

Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro Harmolodic Monk By Howard Lawes Harmolodic Monk is an album by Matt Lavelle playing by turns cornet, flugelhorn and alto clarinet and John Pietaro on vibraphone, bodhran, congas and percussion. There are 10 tracks with a total playing time of 72 minutes. Quoting from the “Dissident Arts” website: “Harmolodic Monk” was the brainchild of noted […]

“…melds contemporary expectations with the older traditions” – Jazz Mostly Review of JULIE

JULIE LYON QUINTET – JULIE (Unseen Rain UR9957) By Bruce Crowther This is another debut album, this time bringing to wide attention singer Julie Lyon who leads her New York Quartet through a selection of songs, mostly familiar, that display her rhythmic ease and intelligent interpretations. Among the songs performed here are Love For Sale, Dr Lonnie Smith’s Too Damn Hot, for which […]

A new perspective on Monk is persuasive and explorative. – Doug Simpson’s HM review in Audiophile Audition.

Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro – Harmolodic Monk – Unseen Rain UR9953, 73:30 (Matt Lavelle – cornet, Flugelhorn, alto clarinet; John Pietaro – vibraphone, bodhrán, congas, percussion) Just when you think Thelonious Monk’s music couldn’t get a new spin, along comes John Pietaro and Matt Lavelle’s 73-minute, ten-track Monk tribute, Harmolodic Monk. Lavelle states he wanted to explore the musical […]

Could Become a Milestone of the Genre: Harmolodic Monk

CD Review:  By Vittorio Lo Conte Between the music of Thelonious Monk and that of Ornette Coleman there is quite a distance, yet the two musicians on this album manage to delete this gap and make a tribute to Monk different from anything done so far – and that’s saying a lot. Matt Lavelle, here on cornet, flugelhorn and alto clarinet, […]