Recording Engineer Larry Hutter may be viewed as a purist by some, but he’s a purist in a most modern sense. Currently a double-bassist in Orlando, his remarkable recordings are informed by years of hands on exposure to live music. In fact his initial recordings were often documentation of live performances on which he was the bass player. His first participation with Unseen Rain was mixing Julie Lyon’s classic quintet album Julie. The results are astounding, and now Larry dreamt of the right situation where he could realize his concept from beginning to end. 

“I strive to make recordings with a deep sense of space. I prefer jazz recordings that sound organic and live.  Whenever appropriate, I record the musicians in the same room without headphones or isolation, and use the fewest microphones possible.” – Larry Hutter

While continuing to mix and edit recordings for Unseen Rain he traveled to New York for a two mic recording of the quintet Zone for their eponymous first album and again a year later for their second, Zone II

In reference to the statement above a “purist in a most modern sense”, along with drummer and Unseen Rain artist Tom Cabrera, he has created a modus operandi where, still in Orlando, with a deep understanding of the sound of the room, he supervises the placement of mics, instruments, etc. at Woodshedd Studio in Long Island near New York city and mixes them at his studio in Orlando. Numerous recording have emerged from this process and has led to the Woodshedd Records label, of which Larry is a partner.

Larry recently recorded Julie Lyon’s upcoming record Whisper of Dreams (on which he also plays bass) in his own studio in Orlando where some of the musicians traveled from New York for the session. Further projects will be recorded at Larry’s home base.

Larry’s discography as a recording, mixing, editing and engineer is constantly growing. Here are the current albums, both on the Unseen Rain and Woodshedd Records ~